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Problems with ProjectX 0.81.7 and dvb subtitles
Here is what the program says:

--> RLE Subpicture (SubID 0x20)

I:\Temp\Frasier 22-59 10-Apr.sp (455728 bytes)

Video PTS: start 1.GOP 07:15:25.624, end last GOP 07:15:35.624

Subpicture PTS: first packet 07:15:27.685, last packet 07:15:34.686

-> adjusting subpicture at video-timeline


java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 4108

at SUBPICTURE$Picture.Get_Bits(

at SUBPICTURE$Picture.decode_picture(

at X$WORK.processSubpicture(

at X$WORK.vdrparse(

at X$WORK.working(

at X$

Can someone help me? How can I fix this?

Could you tell us which service (station, satellite) has real encoded subpictures? We only could find subtitles linked to teletext pages so far.
So tell us station name, satellite etc. If it's not receptable in Europe could you provide a small piece of file somewhere for dvb.matt?
[DVB-Receiver Topfield 5000PVR .rec (TS)]
This is not a satellite broadcast but Finnish digital television broadcast. So it's a DVB-T transmission. It has real dvb-subtitles which can be turned on or off. So you can view programs with the subtitles or without. I can put a piece of it on my website later today so you or dvb.matt can download it. Thanks.

Here is the link piece 130404.mpg. I'm uploading at this moment so it will take a while until the whole file is downloadable. It's about 15 MB file and is about 20 seconds long. This recording is made with Nebula PCI DigiTV-card. More info @
hmm, so far X 81.7 only handles DVD subpictures.
in your case, the 'real' DVB subpictures use the same packet identification but are not of the same structure and have to be ignored when processing.

I guess, we have to add a gloabl user choice to exclude some stream types from processing.
for the moment, we will look at your sample to make a better detection as long this type is not supported.

using further this 81.7, you must not enter the ID 0x20 in the pidlist and only enter the other wanted IDs, but that's quite complicated, I guess.. :?
well, it's fixed for the next update, including an adaption for the very unkind issue of nebula's (non-conform IMO) video PTS re-insertion into the .mpg (where X messages 1000's of PTS errors)

but I'm still dl the complete file...
done with the int01 ...
Is it possible to add support for DVB-subpictures in the future versions?? I think that there would be many very happy finnish users if you can do this. Thanks!!'
it will come...
Help me in my problem with subtitles with specific Deutsch
symbol such as A-umlaut , O - umlaut etc (sorry if I name
this symbol wrong - but I dont know how) ?

Problem: - when I save a subtitles in ANY text format
( I test with .ts files from my Dreambox of ARD channel
on HB) all specific symbols - umlauts & double C
(Au=c5 Ou=D7 Uu=DC DF=CC au=E5 etc.)
in output file (.sub for example) have a 3F code= "?" symbol.
Example: {905}{1031}Kanzler Schr?der ......

I use Russian version of WinXP - may be its a my problemm?

Sorry my English.

P.S. Sorry - I could not open a new tread and post it in
this one - if it wrong I delete my post.
the int01 version does not hang on (Finnish) dvb-subtitles (on recordings by Nebula Digi-TV software) like the earlier version did.

thank you

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