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How to suppress extra text appended to filename when remuxing to TS?
Sorry my German isn't quite good enough to understand all of the previous post

However I can see that you suggested a postprocess script to simply rename the output file to something such as "out.ts".
This will work when processing a single file (and so will editing the name by hand) - but I'm batch processing.

I'm converting files to (Topfield) REC format to transfer to the PVR.
I'd really prefer not to have "[mpeg-2][remux]" appended to all the filenames.
But I can't just globally set all the files to the same name "out".
Of course Windows makes it impossible to batch edit parts of filenames (so far as I can tell!).

Is there some reasonably simple edit I can make to the Java source to suppress the appended text?
I would imagine that somewhere there must be a line which adds the text to the output filename - but I couldn't find it with basic text editors.

I'd be entirely happy with "filename.rec".
I'm starting with "" so there can be no name collisions.

(TBH I don't really understand why the suffixes are added.)

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