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Disable dropping gop
first i'm French so sorry in advance to write in english.

For me Project X drop a lot of gop, 18 minutes are reduced to 10 min :?

I suppose that my TV reception is not good, but i can read TS file correctly with mplayer or vlc.

So i decided to comment part of (line 953 -> 976) to disable dropping.

Now, video duration is ok and teletex extracted also but the audio track is cut before the end with this message :

!> A/V sync discontinuity in next audio packet (insert) @ 01:04:46.392
!> 1 frame(s) (24ms) inserted @ 01:04:46.392
!> 15 frame(s) (360ms) inserted @ 01:04:51.672
!> 7 frame(s) (168ms) inserted @ 01:05:19.704
!> 2 frame(s) (48ms) inserted @ 01:05:19.968

-> more than 500 warnings/errors, stop logging..
audio frames: wri-pre-skip-ins-add 205585-0-0-2270-0 @ 01:22:14.040 done..

Should i try to patch parser/ ?

Thanks in advance for help,


Part commented :
for (int i = 0; !error && i < Pics.length; i++) {
int Tref = Pics[i]>>>4;
if (Tref < 0 || Tref > Pics.length - 1 || newTref[Tref] != -1) {
error = true;
ErrorCode |= 4;
newTref[Tref] = Pics[i];
for (int i = 0; !error && i < newTref.length; i++)
if (newTref[i] == -1) {
error = true;
ErrorCode |= 8;
After reading the code, i found a better solution than this ugly hack.
In presettings, panel Special 2, check video: ignore errors after 1st PTS/GOP.

Now the video is complete but not audio, only 22Ko Sad
Even if in this special2 panel i check audio options.

I'm using cvs version, if anybody can help me, thanks in advance.

The problem is the same with Project X
Personally, I don't see a problem yet.

Possibility 1: Your video has really a lot of errors. Then it wouldn't be a good idea at all to shut off the error correction. The errors then sort of remain and maybe the audio can't be synced anymore. Theoretically you could process video and audio separately - but then the audio definitely gets out of synch.
When the source file is played with vlc and the errors are small enough, these won't stand out that much. But ProjectX usually has to drop the complete GOPs.
Of course you could try other tools, e.g. PVAStrumento (with deactivated error correction). Or tools that have no error correction at all, e.g. a simple demux with TMPGEnc.

Possibility 2: You think that your video has no errors and ProjectX doesn't process it correctly. Then it would be good if you could provide a complete log file (error corection on of course; perhaps deactivate the "log max. 500 warnings") and/or a short sample of your video. Then some experts here can have a look into it.

Oh and: better improve your reception. Wink
Thanks, for your reply.
I think that the problem are in my stream not in ProjectX.

It's amazing, i can read it with mplayer and vlc with sometimes small errors, but not with projectX.

I work on 24h tv stream and on Linux so i cannot use windows program.
unfortunately, pjx cannot handle all kind of errors or some special stream properties.
the switch 'do not drop..' produces wrong time informations with directly effects to the audio processing..
the best things in life are free..
73 de Matthias / DO2MCB

[Comag SL40HD, Lemon Volksbox (zzt. defekt), WinTV-DVB-s Rev1.3 (TT 1.23b)][TT DVB App. 1.23, DVBsVCR2 1.3, DVBWorkshop2.6][M2TS,PVA,MPG-MP2,PES][X - immer das Neueste, J2SE1.2.2_09, J2SE1.4.2_05, J2SE1.5.0-b64]

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