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Normale Version: Recording Service und Lights Out 2
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Hello Com,
vllt there is already something ober vllt could be synonymous but something. I use Lights Out 2 for my server, which controls the energy management. There is eg for Media Portal a plugin, which writes the planned recordings into an xml. Another plugin from Lights Out 2 imports it and writes the times to the calendar, so Lights Out 2 can wake up the server for recording and then put it back into standby. RS can do this yes, I think synonymous only here will be the problem that LO2 sends the server back to sleep after the Grace Time, directly during the recording, so this is not a real solution. If LO2 could inform the timers, it will continue. Please Help. Thanks! 

I have not found the right solution from the internet. 
References: http://www.dvbviewer.tv/forum/topic/5928...ts-out-2/v 
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