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Normale Version: Retrieve the title of the band sounds
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Sorry but I do not speak German and I use google translation this (and the answer). thank you for your sympathy.

I use long DVBViewer.
With I have for movies different soundtracks:

[Bild: attachment.php?attachmentid=2950&stc=1&d=1469621896]

When I use Project X renames it sounds like this:

[Bild: attachment.php?attachmentid=2951&stc=1&d=1469622035]

I checked in preferences;
-append PID/ID to filename
-append language code to filneame

but it does not work Cry
Only PID-filter and 1:1copy keep the stream data as it is.
for the others, there will be used hard-coded stream languages, i.e. german, sorry.